Evaluation of Educational Activity 2022

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Arizona Society of Anesthesiologists evaluation of educational activity for the 2022 annual scientific meeting.
Made it Much WorseSlight DecreaseNo ChangeSlight IncreaseMade it Much Better
Develop clinical plan for addressing oxygenation derangements in ARDS.
Identify the optimal ventilators, parameters and modalities to produce best clinical outcomes in both the ICU and operating room environment.
Demonstrate improved patient outcomes in terms of morbidity or mortality in patients with cardiac stents.
Develop an improved perioperative coagulation management plan for patients with cardiac stents.
Apply the ESC assessment tool in the treatment of neonatal abstinence syndrome.
Develop and implement plans that follow the ESC (Eat, Sleep and Console) model.
Identify patient characteristics and opioid management strategies that increase the likelihood of addiction.
Develop anesthesia plans and discuss alternatives to opioids in the perioperative arena.
Select the appropriate level of filtration for face masks, anesthesia ventilators and respirators.
Establish standards for appropriate filtration in the operating room and all patient care areas.
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