Arizona Society of Anesthesiologists Membership

Joining the Arizona Society of Anesthesiologists may be one of the most valuable and enjoyable investments that you will make during your career.

“The success of the chapter depends on the participation of its members. Anesthesiologists must take an active lead if patients are going to get the quality of care they need.”

New Members

U.S.-based physicians, Resident/Fellows ASA bylaws require all ASA Active, Affiliate in the U.S., and Resident/Fellow members to be members of an ASA state component society. Active and Resident/Fellow members engaged in active duty military or military training programs will belong to the U.S.S.A. component society instead of a state society. If you are interested in joining the Arizona Society of Anesthesiologists, please CLICK HERE to be linked to the ASAHQ website

Input into ASA

The state society sends delegates to the American Society of Anesthesiologists. These representatives can express the needs and interests of local members.

Educational Opportunities

The state chapter holds an annual scientific meeting.

Committee Involvement

State members are invited and encouraged to participate in the society committee structure. Committee involvement provides direct experience with issues of importance to all members.